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WIFA- Women In Fitness Association
WIFA Waves Episode 12

WIFA Waves Episode 12

Oct 09, 2020

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview, Ashley Carter, founder of Think. Eat. Be Well. Which has steadily establishing itself as a resource known for supporting, empowering and encouraging people to be the healthiest version of themselves through health coaching and exercise offerings. With an understanding and awareness of various lifestyles and stages of behavioral change, they're able to gain insight into a wide range of challenges that people face. Lindsey and Morgan talk with Ashley about some of her career highlights as well as what it has meant to her to be a WIFA Ambassador. Ashley tell us about her offerings and how the times of COVID helped her get out of her comfort zone and go for what she truly wanted. Listen to the full episode to learn more about Ashley Carter!

Contact Ashley:

Email: [email protected]

IG: Think.Eat.Be_well