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WIFA Waves Episode 24

WIFA Waves Episode 24

canada canadian fitness industry career development fitness global global ambassador health international lead leadership development member benefit mentor podcast self discovery the women in fitness association wellness wifa waves women women in fitness women in fitness association women leaders women supporting women women's health womeninfitnessassociation Apr 02, 2021

On this episode of WIFA Waves, Lindsey and Jennifer talk with Canadian superstar and global fitness ambassador, Mo Hagan. Mo has 25+ years of experience in the fitness industry, and she is also a former WIFA Board member. When it comes to her WIFA origin story, she says, “I knew I had to be part of this.”

Mo shares the stages of her epic career, from taking crazy leaps of faith to paying it forward as a mentor for women all over the world. This episode is packed with wisdom, advice and inspiration. Give it a listen!

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