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WIFA- Women In Fitness Association
WIFA Waves Episode 10

WIFA Waves Episode 10

Sep 11, 2020

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview Adia Callahan, Founder of See Me Wellness as well as a pilates instructor in the Seattle area. Adia is committed to bridging the gap between Black Women and fitness, See Me Wellness mission is to motivate and empower Black Women to “Control Your Narrative” by incorporating  fitness into one's lifeAdia talks with Lindsey and Morgan about how she discovered WIFA via a fellow WIFA member at the IDEA conference. And the immediate warmth she felt from the community after joining. She also speaks on her past career as an engineer and working on oil rigs all the way to where she is at today, launching her new fitness business, See Me Wellness. Adia gets real about what it's like to be a working mother and "balancing" work life and family life. Adia also speaks about how COVID helped her step out of her comfort zone and leave a position that was not true to her personal values. Out of that came a lot of self discovery and growth for Adia. Bringing her to where she is today in creating a place for women to come and be their authentic selves. 

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