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WIFA Waves Episode 42 | Krishae Holloway & Amanda Merriam

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On episode 42 of WIFA Waves, Jennifer and Morgan talk all things Curves with Krishea Holloway and Amanda Merriam!

Krishea is the president of Curves North America and Oceania. She has worked her way from being a multi-unit Curves franchise owner to the top of the organization through dynamic roles of increasing responsibility. As an active Curves member and former franchisee, Krishea continuously strives to innovate products and programs for engagement and success of women in the Curves community.

Amanda is the Vice President of Curves. She joined Curves in 2013 as the Global Director of Training, and has a demonstrated track record of effectively creating and implementing a variety of critical programs, and developing processes and best practices.

In 2022, Curves turns 30! Krishea and Amanda talk about Curves' barrier breaking history and mission to strengthen women. They also talk about Curves' evolution, their strategic partnership with WIFA and the exciting growth on the horizon!

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