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WIFA Discovers the Hottest New Speakers and Writers in the Fitness Sector!

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WIFA Discovers the Hottest New Speakers and Writers in the Fitness Sector!

When WIFA (The Association for Women in Fitness)  launched the Speaker's and Writer's Academy as a pilot in June 2021, they didn't expect it to sell out in three days.  They didn't expect ACE to award it with CEC's, and they were blown away with what the graduates created with their mentors in just sixty days. The whole thing was a wonderful surprise. The Speaker's and Writer's Academy had a successful encore performance in October 2021. The programs sold out, and the graduates have created some powerful work again.

"We realized that we were onto something big; there was this electric energy around the project that created a huge buzz.  We needed to create a platform to showcase and promote this amazing talent in our sector.  That's why we created WIFA VOX."  says Lindsey Rainwater, Founder and CEO of WIFA

Launched in October 2021, WIFA VOX is the collective voice of WIFA.  A platform created and produced by WIFA women to share their wisdom and talent. 

WIFA VOX has three releases per year; its episodes and articles are the portfolios of the graduates from The Speaker's Academy and The Writer's Academy.  Launched in June 2021, The Speaker’s Academy is led by Lori Patterson and Writer’s Academy is led by Lisa Greenbaum. These programs are awarded ACE CEC’s and are changing the game by ensuring women in the health and wellness space develop their communication skills. After sixty days of intense mentorship, graduates confidently leave the program with a complete portfolio. 

"Over the past two years, the demand for content has accelerated beyond anyone's expectations.  For many years, I watched the same group of people present and contribute at our conferences and in our publications.  It is time for a wider perspective and a bigger collective voice.  WIFA VOX is the channel that provides our sector with new, diverse speakers and writers with unique perspectives and voices.  Come to VOX to find your next keynote or writer.   We have found the new up and coming superstars!"  Jennifer Halsall, COO WIFA. 

Here’s what the graduates have to say: 

 “The Speaker's Academy was more than I had expected. Not only did I grow my skills and confidence as a speaker, I also joined a sisterhood of amazing women who supported each other on the journey. Our mentor Lori was incredible and always delivered feedback in such a kind and supportive way. The Academy was a practical and hands on experience, putting everything we've learned into action to create and deliver a keynote presentation. It's a highly valuable experience for both new and experienced speakers.”
Tahnee Donkin, Regional Personal Training Manager, Brisbane, Australia 

“The Writer's Academy should be your go-to program if you want to be a writer in the fitness space! You'll learn how to outline, meet deadlines, and be a better writer in a supportive and fun environment!” Marjorie Hopkins, Founder Thrive Together, New York, NY

The Academies are running three times in 2022, February, May and August.

Learn more about the Speaker's Academy here! Learn more about the Writer's Academy here!